The services at Missionary Bible Bapist Church are wholly focused on the worship of our Lord and Savior. No matter the age you will find Christ the center of each song, class, or sermon. Below is a sneek peak of what happens in each of our services for all age groups.

Sunday School, 9:30 AM

A fully-qualified nursery will provide care through age 1.


Planting Faith is a Christ-focused curriculum designed for 2's & 3's and Pre-Primary students. At MBBC students ages 2 through 5 qualify for this program. Please see a member of the welcome team for directions to this class.


Students ages 6 and 7 are God's Explorers. This class helps students expand their knowledge of the Bible stories learned in previous classes. It encourages class participation and teachers motivate the students to expand basic answers into an understanding of Biblical principles.  


Your 8 and 9 year old can join Julie and Nick in a fast-paced journey looking for God's Truth. Your child will continue to develop an understanding of God's love and life principles found in the Bible. Class participation is definite and this class will promote Godly friendships with other students his/her age.


The Juniors' class has been developed for the pre-teen age group. Students that are between the ages of 10 and 13 will find this class applicable to everyday life. Children at this age are dealing with awkward moments and sometimes emotional phases. Being able to answer some of their questions straight from the Bible, many pre-teens find this class a refuge at the end of a stressful week. This class has a regular teacher with several guest instructors. This rotating schedule keeps the attention of students with different perspectives and encourages regular attendance.



The Teen Group is an informal roundtable class. Students have the opportunity to sit across from one another including their instructor and discuss the matters at hand. The class often meets outside of class for movies, games, and of course, food. The Teen Group has just started a new series called, The Joy of Church Membership.

 We provide a practical lecture setting for all adults in the main auditorium.

Morning Worship, 10:30 AM

 A fully-qualified nursery will provide care through age 3. A Junior Church program is available for children ages 4-12.

The Morning Worship service is a collective time of worship for those ages 13 and above. Practical preaching from God's Word, a meaningful time of worship through music, and a time of prayer.

Evening Service, 6 PM

A fully-qualified nursery will provide care through age 3.

Our Evening Service is often a time of teaching. Whether it is regarding the doctrine of the church or a study of Christ's gifts to Christians, our pastor presents the Bible in a very real way. This service is not a repeat of any of the previous Sunday services and we welcome all to return for the 6 PM worship service.

Wednesday Evening, 7 PM

A fully-qualified nursery will provide care through age 3. Patch the Pirate Club is a evening program that is available to students ages 4-12, September through May. Registration is required and students may register at any time during the year.

The Wednesday Evening service is a time of Bible Study and prayer for those in need. Often the lesson is more brief to allow time for prayer. MBBC holds firm to the belief that God still answers our prayers in a very real way. While one can pray at any time and anywhere, the church provides this service in order to gather specifically to pray with and for one another.

Upcoming Events

  • Jun30

    Dinner on the Grounds

    Sunday, Jun 30, 2024

  • Jun30

    Afternoon Service & Lord's Supper

    Sunday, Jun 30, 2024

  • Jun30

    Tent Meeting - Gettysburg

    Sunday, Jun 30 - Thursday, Jul 4, 2024

  • Jul10

    Pensacola Christian College Proclaim Team

    Wednesday, Jul 10, 2024

  • Jul14

    Nursing Home Ministry

    Sunday, Jul 14, 2024

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